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Vietnam Motorbike eyes UK travelers

Vietnam Motorbike eyes UK travelers

In the eyes of a British visitor, motorbikes in Saigon not only passenger but also can carry more TV for a very long wire antenna, a microwave, a few planks of wood and even family.
He Carla Graulus, a British tourist, recounted the experience street life in Saigon, Vietnam on the pages of Telegraph Travel.

Every being on the streets of Saigon, I want to feel like choking. We moved the driver's side seems to have become accustomed to smog.

World behind scarves pieu Thai

World behind scarves pieu Thai

With rich color in each pattern, scarf pieu be regarded as gods protect the soul every Thai woman.
Each ethnic Vietnam has its own characteristic culture. This is reflected in living habits, especially religious attire ... With Thais features are better known through traditional scarf pieu.
The same way as traditional brocade, woven cloth of cotton pieu then dyed indigo. Dry cloth until Thai woman beginner embroidery on colorful patterns and eye-catching. There are 3 types of flowers embroidered on each towel is evil creep, quail peng pieu and wrong. In animal unless it is climbing evil evil spirits, spirits for protection turban, quail pieu the noble character of the surface on the wire and that's wrong peng couples. However, all three types of embroidery patterns are only restrained at both ends of the scarf.

Aircraft of Vietnam Airlines will have beds and internet

The Airbus A350's national carrier, Vietnam (Vietnam Airlines - VNA) is ordered to complete the final stage in France. This aircraft class flat recline 180 degrees and offer passengers internet ..

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Cultural tours, spirituality around West Lake

Coming to Hanoi, tourists take a tour of about 20km to visit 34 temples, houses, temples and shrines around the West Lake, West Lake that are associated with those unique landscapes. It is a complex landscape adorn a large scenic West Lake.
Exciting journey 
Let's go from the Quan Thanh Temple (Taoist) where Huyen Thien Tran Vo statue weighs over 3 tons and the Thanh Nien Road, to the right a little doggie to Temple Truc Bach lake (lake is part of the West ). To lie in the middle of the lake, under a grove of lush, green um. To worship Princess Lieu Hanh, her Lord and children for sun fish, old is the magnificent palaces of Lord Trinh Giang.

The dish popular Thai street in Saigon

You can just walk around just enjoy fragrant coconut cake or sitting curb Nguyen Tri Phuong sip tea famous Thai dishes.
1 - Mango sticky rice 
If you have ever set foot in Thailand, visitors can not help but know the famous street food - mango sticky rice. With Thai dishes here like a dessert after a meal with ingredients include glutinous, coconut milk, sugar, salt, sesame seeds and ripe mango.
As we will see enjoy the unique blend between soft flavor of the fat-soluble sticky sweetness of the coconut milk, and sweet ripe mango, made ​​for people who enjoy an unforgettable time . In Saigon you can find mango sticky rice at Chao Thai restaurant located in Thai Van Lung, District 1.
The street food in Thailand is famous Saigon-1

Phong Nha travel experiences

Phong Nha tour visitors will get to the place "fairy Penglai" natural place endowed with pristine natural landscapes bestowed on the people of Quang Binh, a piece of land attached to the proud history of fighting like hero.
Go to Phong Nha resorts you will feel the harmony of primary forest and river Son, along with dried up and the water creates a picture wearing captivates the crowd.

Cuisine rural market and traditional games

To introduce visitors tour the new product at night and looks to build a popular culinary destination, at 30-4, Huong Giang Hotel Resort & Spa opening program held "Cuisine and Country Fair folk games, "opening sequence program product for summer travel Hue's tourism industry.